1. Change home page title to Frank Wise

  1. Add this to FB Developer Redirect:

3. Add to Client List

[email protected]



4. Create their MailChimp list
Audience Name: Frank Wise
Default From: [email protected]
Default Name: Explore Frank Wise

Get their signup form
Manage Audience > Signup Forms > Embedded Horizontal > Copy Embed Code

5.Embed their Signup Form in Footer 1 HTML

Add “Your Email Address” to the widget

  1. Refresh this page and add their email address to their new form: [email protected]

7. Adjust colors to match their brand: Branding HereBrochure here

8. Create their vCard here and link it on QR page

9. Get their QR Code and upload it as image here
URL should be

Part 2

Once their site is done, and they’ve invited us to Edit their FB Page:

1. Accept FB Invite then AutoSocial

2. Replicate Daily Sales Email Campaign

Sales RSS Feed:

Explore Frank Wise

[email protected]


3. Replicate Monthly News Email Campaign

News RSS Feed:

Explore Frank Wise

[email protected]


4. Setup Pixel and include in header

5. Email [email protected] with this subject: Frank Wise is done! Please start advertising


Thank you 🙂

Adjust Instacron Page

Get Insta Business ID

Adjust Tik Tok Feed

Adjust Menu

Send Manual Confirmation Email to Frank, [email protected]

Or send an email with Facebook details: [email protected]

Hi Frank,

My team is finishing your website and email marketing but we need your help with social media!

We are ready to connect your Facebook Business
Please click the link and follow this quick setup guide:

From Your Computer
1. Select your Facebook Business Page (or create one)

  1. From your Business page, click “Settings” in the upper-right
  2. Select “Page Roles” from the left-side navigation
  3. Type in my email address as an Editor: [email protected]
  4. Press the Add button and close the window!
  • This is required for your site to connect with Facebook Business!